In 1998, four machining professionals combined their skills to create USIMETAL. The responsiveness and know-how of this young team and the compactness of the structure successfully addressed new market needs.
This success led the company to double the size of its premises in 2000, and to invest in specific hardware.
In order to meet a growing demand, new employees joined the workforce: USIMETAL grew externally by acquiring the company MECAFIL, specialized in EDM cutting, in 2003 and the company MECAPROJET specializing in general mechanics, sheet metal and welding, in 2005.

In order to support and optimize this growth, in 2008 USIMETAL installed an air conditioned metrology room equipped with a Mitutoyo Crysta Plus M 3D coordinate measuring machine. The machine fleet is constantly evolving technically to meet the most complex requirements.

USIMETAL has the ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

In 2016, the companies USIMETAL, MECAFIL and MECAPROJET integrate the IPI Group. This recognition has led USIMETAL to turn today to new markets and to assert its expertise in the manufacture of small and medium series products.